We are here to serve you for all of life’s occasions. From boss’ day, teacher appreciation day, birthday, thank you, etc we have an ever growing selection of gifts to choose from. Need a unique and thoughtful gift? Give Uprooted a call or come shop with us! We will deliver! 

Bridgewater Candles

Uprooted is a proud retailer of Bridgewater Candles. High end designer jars and beautifully scented fragrances these candles boast with elegance. Scents that leave you wanting more and jars that decorate your home/office upscale. The recipients of these candles always come back for more. Sweet Grace is the scent of Uprooted, it illuminates the preciousness of life and effortless beauty of passionate fruits radiating with sparkling tea and classic patchouli. Sweet Grace fragrance is in the oriental and spice scent family. Choose from beautiful jar candles, scented sachets, room sprays, wax bars, hand cream, liquid hand soap, bar soap and laundry detergent. 

Fill Your World With Sweet Grace

Stop by Your Chandler Texas Florist for the Following:

Afternoon Retreat

We also carry the woodsy Afternoon Retreat Collection from Bridgewater Candle Company. When you purchase Afternoon Retreat let your mind sink back into a bed of soft moss with teak, sandalwood and amber as a light breeze of fresh bergamot and lime sweeps the air.

Choose from beautiful jar candles, scented sachets, wax bars, and room spray in the Afternoon Retreat scent. 

Give Back

Team up with Uprooted! With every jar candle purchased 3 meals are donated to an orphan overseas. Light a candle. Feed a child. Choose Bridgewater Candles available at Uprooted Florist.

uprooted candles

Leather and Wood Earrings

Priced from $14-$19

Availability may vary. Call for specific requests or stop in to shop and see current inventory.

Farmhouse Door Hangers

$30-$50 depending on board size and bow selection

Vintage Inspired Tags

The Perfect Tag for Every Occasion

Our unique Vintage Inspired Tags are a great addition to your floral and plant orders, or you can pick a few up to keep on hand for special times of gift giving throughout the year. At just $3/piece, what’s not to love about them!

Inspirational, Funny, Love, Whimsical…just a few of the categories we have to choose from. These tags make a great keepsake. Let us help you pick out the perfect tag for your occasion!

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