Other Services Available From Uprooted Florist in Chandler Texas

Uprooted Florist is here to serve you in all the ways you may need: Floral Subscriptions, Gift Baskets, Artificial Memorial Arrangements, & more.

flower subscriptions

Flower Subscriptions

We offer floral subscriptions (weekly, monthly, seasonal, etc) for your home, office, church, or to send to a loved one.

Subscription service available in a variety of price ranges.

Email or call 903.279.7742 to set up your subscription now.

Artificial Flowers

Here at Uprooted we join with you in keeping your loved ones memory alive. We offer artificial florals and delivery monthly, or seasonally, to local cemeteries.

Let us create something beautiful that will honor their memory. Give us a call to schedule artificial memorial arrangements today.

gifts and other services

Gift Baskets

We offer gift baskets and have a variety of gift options in the store. If you’re looking for snacks we are proud to team up with our shop neighbor, Stillwater Farm Market Store in providing tasty treats that are sure to make your recipient happy. Remember, Uprooted delivers!

Uprooted Florist

106 Hwy 31 W

Chandler, Texas 75758

Phone: 903.279.7742

Store Hours: M-F 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Available by phone beginning at 8:00 a.m. daily. Open on Saturdays for wedding, event, and funeral work. Check out our Facebook group for current postings and info.